Case study


Mailosaur is an automated email testing software for QAs and developers. They provide a comprehensive solution that includes a website and a dashboard for easy management and monitoring of email testing processes.


UX/UI Design: Our designers created a user-friendly interface, focusing on usability and aesthetic appeal. We ensured the platform was intuitive and easy to navigate for all users.

Back-end Development: Our team built a robust and scalable back-end system to manage user data and integrate with Mailosaur's email testing software.

Front-end Development: We developed a responsive and intuitive front-end, ensuring a seamless user experience across various devices.

Web Development: We built a high-performing website and dashboard that effectively showcases Mailosaur's services and provides real-time updates on email testing processes.


Mailosaur needed a digital platform that could effectively manage their software's functionalities and provide real-time updates to users. They required a system that was robust, scalable, and capable of handling a large volume of users and data. The platform needed to be user-friendly and provide accurate and timely information to users.


The website and dashboard we developed for Mailosaur have significantly improved their service delivery and user engagement. The platform's user-friendly design and functionality have received positive feedback from users, and Mailosaur has seen a substantial increase in user engagement and satisfaction.

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