Case study


In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency, Burjx aimed to establish itself as the premier crypto trading platform in the Middle East. With the vision of providing a fast, safe, and affordable trading experience, Burjx sought to develop a platform that stands out in the crowded crypto market.


IT Consulting: Conducted a thorough analysis of the current crypto market trends and user needs, ensuring that the platform is aligned with the latest industry standards. Back-end Development: Developed a robust backend infrastructure that can handle high volumes of trades, ensuring that the platform remains stable even during peak trading times.

Web Development: Designed a responsive web platform, allowing traders to access the platform from any device, ensuring a seamless trading experience.

Mobile App Development: Developed a mobile application for both iOS and Android, enabling traders to monitor and execute trades on-the-go.


To develop a crypto trading platform that is not only secure and reliable but also user-friendly and commission-free, ensuring that traders can maximize their profits while trading in a safe environment.


Burjx successfully launched its crypto trading platform, becoming the first commission-free trading platform in the Middle East. With its user-friendly design, secure infrastructure, and zero commission model, Burjx has quickly gained traction among traders in the region, setting a new standard for crypto trading in the Middle East.

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